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What does it mean to be a connected educator?  For me, it’s been a transformational experience as I continuously gain access to a network of experts that extend my learning in ways never before imaginable without technology.  It’s an opportunity to exemplify what we consistently ask of our students: to collaborate and contribute to a shared learning experience. So, what are you waiting for?




October is Connected Educator Month (CEM).  Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Education in 2012 in conjunction with the Connected Educators Initiative, CEM’s driving message is the power of the connected learner .  You can learn all about the mission and goals of this movement here.  There are many ways you can become involved with CEM and gain free access to a myriad of resources being shared.  Here are a few ideas to get started on your connected educator journey:


PLN Power

If you aren’t on Twitter yet, sign up today!  It will be the most impactful step you take towards becoming a connected educator.  The best way to filter content on Twitter and find great educators to follow is through the use of hashtags.  Be sure to check out the official CEM hashtag by searching for #CE14. You’ll also want to follow the official Connected Educators handle @edconnectr.  Other great educational hashtags include #edtech, #edchat, #mlearning, #1to1, #KYedchat, #BYOD, #BYOT, and #iTeachDigital.  We here @eTechCampus are eager to connect with you!


Get Plugged In

As part of Connected Educator Month, hundreds of PD events and opportunities are happening daily, and open to anyone.  Check out the full calendar here and jump right in to webinars, free online conferences, twitter chats, and much more.  You can also browse the calendar page for recently active speakers and attendees to immediately build connections and uncover additional resources.  They’ve  even put together a Connected Educator Starter Kit that walks you through a 31 day approach to becoming more connected. Start today – it’s never too late!


Involve Your District

Meaningful learning happens best in community.  Encourage your school and district leaders to provide both teachers and students the opportunity to foster a culture of digital learning.  What steps can you take to ensure complete mobile access to content, blended and personalized learning opportunities, and a learner-led classroom?  Consider an online learning platform such as Converge to bring learners together and fuel meaningful change discussions.  Advocate for a shared vision to move students towards success in college and career by having your district commit to the Future Ready District Pledge.  How will you ensure your students are #FutureReady?


There’s never been a better time to reach beyond the brick and mortar classroom to build connections that have the potential to impact every student in your classroom.  Take time this month to discover what happens when you share your expertise and experiences and uncover the superpower that is the connected educator.








About The Author

Tiffaney Lavoie currently serves as the Director of Instructional Media and Design at Edvergent Learning. An educator with a business background, she has served over 60 school districts in Kentucky as an instructional technology consultant where she developed and delivered professional learning opportunities and partnered with school and district technology rollouts. A former middle school teacher, Tiffaney has a passion for effective technology integration and recognizes the importance of accessible digital tools to support teaching and learning. She has presented on a state, regional, and national level, and values immersive digital learning environments that better equip students to compete in a global society.