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ThingLink continues to be my top app pick for both student explanation of learning and teacher created content. It works in a BYOD, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop environment, and is an excellent suggestion for creating student products outside of the classroom. It’s quick, easy, and user friendly. Create classes, add students, and manage their accounts with a ThingLink Teacher account, or have your students over the age of 13 create their own free accounts. 

The #1 reason it’s my favorite though is because it combines perfectly with all of my other favorites! It’s the ideal base for an AppSmash! Search #TLAppSmash on Twitter for ideas and examples.

Follow these steps to create a basic AppSmash, or mix in a few of the suggested apps for a ThingLink AppSmash! Down load this ThingLink App Smash PDF or click on the ThingLink below to watch a video tutorial and see examples! 

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