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Kahoot has been a buzz in the #edTech world for several years now, but only recently has Quizizz come to the formative assessment scene. If your students enjoy game-based quizzing on Kahoot, why switch? I only recommend replacing an old favorite if there’s added value with a new one.

As a busy tech integrating teacher, you may not have time to stay up-to-date with the latest apps. In the below, you will find an in depth comparision of Kahoot and Quizizz.

How it works: There’s one statement for Kahoot with a Quizizz comparison below it. For each set of statements, the star marks the winner. Take a look for yourself. Does Quizizz add enough value to justify the switch?

Well, what do you think? Does Quizizz have enough added value to justify the switch? I vote yes!

If you have info, data, maps, or images to share, give a try! It’s the free web tool that I used to create this visual.

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