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Let’s imagine for a minute  your go-to utility to give a quiz, or take a poll, or even create your parent contact form. It’s probably pretty simple and maybe not that much fun, right? Now let’s imagine those same quizzes, polls, and forms, but with more pictures, more color, and more fun!

Let me introduce you to Typeform, your new favorite online utility made for taking the boring out of, well the boring. With a very easy interface, dozens of different pre-made templates and the ability to make something from scratch, you’re only a few steps away from an exciting and fun form. Typeform offers a great tool to create colorful quizzes in a snap.

Simply create your free account, choose a template or make something completely new, and begin editing!

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Once you’ve given all questions and responses, you can design your form; pick colors, fonts, and a background image.


You can then configure your Typeform with Zapier integrations and notifications.


Grab your Typeform URL and paste, embed, and share away! Taking the URL and creating a QR code is a great option for a form, poll, or registration you’ll use all year.


Getting to the analyze screen is part of the fun too! With the report tab giving a live visual of your form, you can see how many responses are in, and what they’re selecting.


Next time you’re ready to create a new info gathering project for your classroom, give Typeform a go, it’s so easy and engaging your students will want to create their own!

We can’t wait to see what you create! @eTechCampus #iTeachDigital

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