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Does your desk look like this at the end of an instructional day?  Do you ask yourself when you’ll ever find time to get all the grading done or even how you’ll transport the multiple stacks of paper home and then back to school?  Do you start your day waiting in line at the copier machine?  Or have you reached your limit on the number of copies you can make? (Hate it when that happens.) 

Consider leveraging the tools Formative, Seesaw, and Showbie to transform your instruction to a paperless environment.  As a teacher, I found I didn’t have time to research the tools needed to make my life easier so let me help you out by giving you a brief synopsis of each.



Upload and transform your favorite handouts to create digital assignments.  With the options to add content in the form of videos, whiteboards, and links as well as adding questions like multiple choice, text answers, and show your work, Formative can turn stacks of paper assignments into a digital assignment that is graded in real time.  How great is that?  Watch this video to get started using Formative.



Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool that allows students to document their learning in the classroom.  By uploading photos, videos, PDF’s, texts, drawings, and links, students can demonstrate learning while teachers have the ability to monitor progress over time.  Watch this video to get started using Seesaw.



Showbie is a free tool that can be used to create and collect assignments.  You can add text, audio, images and more in this cross-platform tool.  Most Showbie features work on any platform, but some are platform or device specific.  See this post from the Showbie blog for an explanation of those specifics.

With these tools, you’ll do more than save the trees.  Be prepared to stay organized, save time, and communicate more effectively with your students.



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