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Providing students with textbooks isn’t always simple for private and parochial schools. Whether you’re running an in-house bookstore or providing a booklist to families, both solutions come with their fair share of headaches, especially in those first few days of school. Reimagining how your families purchase books could lead you to an eTechCampus Virtual Bookstore.

Whether you are thinking of closing the doors to an in-house bookstore, or no longer want to send a list, here are the top signs it’s time to move to a virtual bookstore powered by eTechCampus.


Money. It’s always an issue. One of the biggest places a school can struggle financially is managing an in-house bookstore. Not only do schools have to pay upfront to stock the books for students, there isn’t always a guarantee the school will make everything back. A virtual bookstore allows for schools to spend less and, potentially, make more. If you’re seeing negative margins, or just barely breaking even, it could be time to move to that shiny bookstore in the sky.

Space and resources. Whether it’s increased enrollment, expanding the science lab, or just too much on one person’s plate, there’s never enough space nor helping hands. Moving to a virtual bookstore not only frees up square footage, but it also allows the individual responsible an opportunity to focus on other aspects of his or her work – like molding tomorrow’s leaders rather than worrying about having enough Spanish workbooks for all those kiddos who waited until the very last minute.

Software. Technology promises to make our lives easier. The problem is the never-ending digital learning curve. The moment a school catches up, publishers have moved on to the next-best app or brand new eBook. A virtual bookstore not only helps with setting up student and teacher portals for online resources, but eTechCampus’s digital learning experts are always there to help schools reach the next level of digital integration.


Money. Told you, it’s always an issue. If your school is utilizing a list for students to purchase from, you’re missing out on a valuable virtual bookstore benefit – commissions! A school doesn’t see any profit from students purchasing through independent sources. eTechCampus offers numerous commission structures, allowing schools to increase their margin dollars, as well as offer greater discounts for families.

So many choices, so little time. If your parents want to leave behind the hassle of navigating countless websites and physical bookstores, it’s time to provide a single site with everything they need. A virtual bookstore provides a one-stop-shop for parents and students. We’ve streamlined the process of ordering a student’s correct resources, helping decrease stress and increase efficiency.

The need to know. All control and knowledge disappears once a booklist is sent to families. You don’t know the who, what, where or when of student orders. eTechCampus allows teachers to access reporting through our online faculty adoption tool, providing student order details with the click of a button.  Most importantly, we can help ensure students are purchasing the correct course adoptions with 99.5% accuracy! When it becomes troublesome that there is no access to student orders, moving to a virtual bookstore could be the solution your school needs.


Help!!! Que the “Friends” theme song – “I’ll be there for youuu…” No literally. Me. I’m an eTechCampus Account Manager and supporting our virtual bookstore schools is what I do. But more importantly, we have a phenomenal customer service team that is always happy to help. eTechCampus Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives alleviate all the pain and problems schools face when dealing with textbooks, eBooks and resources.

Whether it’s a physical bookstore or a piece of paper, headaches happen. Issues, backorders, you-name-its ALWAYS happen. That’s why we’re here.  If you’re ready to seek an alternative to your current adoption process, let eTechCampus help you reimagine your bookstore!

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