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Hi everyone!

I’m Alicia Southworth,  Edvergent Learning’s new Technology Integration Specialist!  I am joining #TeamEdvergent with 4 years of teaching experience and a love for helping educators implement the best #EdTech tools into their instruction. In addition to introducing myself, I’d also like to introduce you to a couple of my FAVORITE apps and websites to help you digitize your classroom.


Formative assessments…as a teacher, I dreaded them. Luckily, there is a website we can use to make this a little easier. Quizizz is an amazing web tool that allows you to upload your own questions, or leverage their question library, as well as set time limits for each question.

What’s the best part about Quizizz? Wait for it…

Students love taking them!! You can set a fun background as they’re answering each question. For each correct answer, students earn points and it grades it for you! Take back your teaching time while providing an engaging assessment platform. Teachers are happy.  Students are happy.  *Quick Tip: If you and your students have Google accounts, they can sign in with just ONE click!!

Another great #EdTech tool to use in the classroom is Adobe Spark Video. Students love to be creative. What they love even more is watching a video of themselves. Spark Video allows students to do both. Offered as both an app and web-based tool, the platform gives students the flexibility to demonstrate learning using media. An example of how to implement Spark Video is with your weekly spelling test. Spelling tests can’t become repetitive for students. To keep it engaging, students can create a video with each of their words and record themselves:

  • saying it
  • spelling it
  • using it in a sentence

Could it get any easier than this? The fun doesn’t stop there! Why not give your students the opportunity to create a digital project? No more tri-fold poster boards to take home and grade! Adobe will handle the mashing of the clips and the background music. Your students just add in the informational text and their voice as needed. This creates a more desirable way for students to showcase their work. When it comes to collecting projects, utilize an LMS (like Converge!) to seamlessly organize assignments and streamline the grading process.  Better yet, you can share it with their parents (Converge offers a Parent Portal!) to show off the finished product.

Adobe Spark Video is also an ideal tool at the high school level. As a high school student, I remember one of the hardest parts was getting home to do my work and realizing I had forgotten my paper or I was missing the information needed to complete the assignment. Let Adobe Spark Video be your solution. Use the platform for your lesson plans and students can have access to it at any time. It doesn’t allow for lost papers or “My dog ate my homework!” excuses. Students are able to access it from any technology source!

I would love to hear how you use Quizizz and Adobe Spark Video in your classrooms!

#iTeachDigital | @edvergent

About The Author

Tiffaney Lavoie currently serves as the Director of Instructional Media and Design at Edvergent Learning. An educator with a business background, she has served over 60 school districts in Kentucky as an instructional technology consultant where she developed and delivered professional learning opportunities and partnered with school and district technology rollouts. A former middle school teacher, Tiffaney has a passion for effective technology integration and recognizes the importance of accessible digital tools to support teaching and learning. She has presented on a state, regional, and national level, and values immersive digital learning environments that better equip students to compete in a global society.

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