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Facebook Live; a fresh video, it’s out there, you can’t spend hours editing… it’s raw and uncut, but it’s a GREAT resource! You don’t believe me, do you? Allow me to explain why you need to start using Facebook Live in your classroom.

One of the best reasons to start using Facebook Live for your classroom is your students. Take a risk! Here’s a beginning list of ideas and benefits associated with sharing quick instructional videos on Facebook. (But we’d love to see how you use FB Live!)

  • Share resources, assignments, and tools with your students outside of class time. Allow absent students, and those who may benefit from additional explanation to access information at a time convenient for them.
  • Provide office hours; go Live at the same time each week. Giving your students a predictable session allows them to hop on Facebook and seek further instruction, important information, and even demonstrations all from the comfort of their own environment.
  • Create a discussion. Students don’t have to be on FB at the exact moment you’re live if you ‘post’ your live video once you’re done. This gives students a moment to rewind, rewatch, and see what questions their peers are asking.
  • Bring some fun into the classroom! Chances are your middle and high school students are already on social media constantly… Make yourself and your instruction something they look forward to seeing on their news feed.

Still not convinced you need to be using FB Live? Let’s consider the role it can play with parent and family involvement. What about the reason that you can more connect with parents? Almost everyone is on Facebook today, so meet your families where they are.

  • Enjoying an exciting field trip? Go Live!
  • Students presenting in class? Go Live!
  • Want to wrap up the day but don’t have a moment to write an email? Go Live!
  • Not getting results from informational emails to families? Go Live!

Once you record your first Live session, it gets easier the next time, promise! Plus, you can create a closed Facebook group, allowing only your students, families, (and colleagues?!)  to view any updates/videos you post. Take the leap and click that ‘Live’ button today. You and your students will see a positive response.

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