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Imagine taking a trip across the world, a plunge in the ocean, or viewing the Japanese gardens. This can all happen from inside your classroom. Get ready for the next frontier in education, Virtual Reality. Think about it – today’s students are using the worst technology of their lives right now. It’s continually changing and innovating to fit our modern needs. It’s time to get on board and test the world of Virtual Reality (VR).

VR can be applied to a variety of subjects; Science, History, Social Studies, Art, English and even Engineering. Students will achieve a greater understanding of new concepts, allow for stronger collaboration in the classroom, and increase student motivation. If you’re ready to take the challenge of implementing VR into your classroom, check out these 3 easy steps to implement and allow your students the education of a lifetime.

  1. Get the Gear. VR headsets can be cost efficient for your classroom. There are options for headsets for as low as $40. Not in the budget?  No worries, get creative! Design your own headset thanks to Google’s instructions and download a few of these VR apps (Titans of Space, Sites VR, Discovery VR, and Google Expedition).
  2. Watch Virtual Reality Videos. Check out Nearpod VR. It has over 100 Virtual Reality lessons ready for your classroom today as well as Samsung 360 library to find the inspiration you need!
  3. Share With Other Teachers. Explore VR with other teachers. Get Inspired. Share lessons and collaborate with each other to allow your school an engaging educational experience. Check out these links to see some of our favorite VR lesson plans for classroom implementation: VR Lessons from Nearpod, TeachersPayTeachers Lesson Plans, and  TPT Lesson Plans #2

Keep in mind, the human brain can remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and up to 90% of what we do or simulate. Keep your students stimulated and engaged. Join the newest movement of technology and start engaging your students with a Virtual Reality education.

We’d love to hear how you’re implementing Virtual Reality into your classroom. Share with us on social media using @Edvergent and #iTeachDigital.

About The Author

Tiffaney Lavoie currently serves as the Director of Instructional Media and Design at Edvergent Learning. An educator with a business background, she has served over 60 school districts in Kentucky as an instructional technology consultant where she developed and delivered professional learning opportunities and partnered with school and district technology rollouts. A former middle school teacher, Tiffaney has a passion for effective technology integration and recognizes the importance of accessible digital tools to support teaching and learning. She has presented on a state, regional, and national level, and values immersive digital learning environments that better equip students to compete in a global society.

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