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We are so excited to officially announce the arrival of Converge LMS 3.0! After spending the summer months collaborating with educators and putting feedback into action, Converge 3.0 launched for customers at the end of July. With Converge 3.0 comes enhanced communication, expanded submission options, and even more ways to differentiate instruction to provide a personalized learning environment and propel academic success. The Converge team is constantly striving to improve the virtual learning environment for our school and district partners to enhance the outcomes for the students we serve. That’s why Converge 3.0 brings these valuable enhancements to the BEST K12 Learning Management System.

The push for paperless is happening, and Converge 3.0 has an answer: Student PDF Annotation. In Converge 3.0, teachers can add PDFs to their assignments, with students having full annotation capabilities within the PDF. Even in a digital world, handwritten work is still vital for students. Now, that work can be completed and collected digitally. Students can write, type, highlight and draw on any PDF that has been added as an assignment in Converge. Teachers can use this exciting new option to collect students’ math work, allow students to annotate texts online, or create diagrams and drawings. Teachers in Leslie County, KY are even using this feature to digitize their handwriting practice in Kindergarten!

Sharing is caring, and in a world where the workload of teachers increases daily, sharing resources is vital for teacher and student success – and sanity! In Converge 3.0 teachers can add questions they’ve created to customized shared banks so that other teachers can access and use these questions in their formative and summative assessments with Converge quizzes. Teachers can collaborate in their PLCs to create high quality questions, and place them in the shared bank, so that all subject level or grade levels teachers can share the workload. This allows for quick and easy quiz creation to increase time efficiency.

Differentiation is essential in the K12 classroom, and Groups and Groupings in Converge courses make this easier than ever. Teachers can now create Groups and Groupings (subgroups within a Group) in a single Converge course and then assign specific activities and resources to that group. For instance, a teacher can now create and add students in a “High,” “Medium,” or “Low” group. Teachers can quickly modify and assign the modified assessments to accommodate each group accordingly. Students will not see the other assignments, and will not see that they are in a group unless you allow this in the settings. These groups can also be used for collaborative learning groups, amplifying your digital integration.

Based on teacher feedback, we have enhanced the Converge interface to reduce clicks and improve navigation. Users can enjoy an updated Dashboard view, including streamlined access to the “Timeline”, which shows upcoming due dates for activities, including a direct link to complete the work for students, or a grade option for teachers. We’ve also enhanced Activity and Resource creation by adding an “Advanced Options” block. Now, Activity and Resource creation is streamlined because teachers can simply fill out the “bare necessities” to quickly create the Activity or Resource, or open the Advanced Options block and customize their work.

Converge 3.0 is all about supporting a learning environment that ensures technology doesn’t get in the way of instruction. It streamlines and enhances the classroom experience and keeps students engaged and empowered to take control of their learning. It’s..well…learning without limits! Stay tuned as the Converge team is already working on some exciting mid-year updates to enhance the Converge gradebook!  Already a Converge user and want to be a part of a focus group? Reach out to us at

Want to see the new, improved Converge 3.0? Click here to request more information or to schedule a demo!

As always, you can connect with us on Twitter @ConvergeLMS and @edvergent using #iTeachDigital. Be sure to share your #ConvergeLMS success stories with us!

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