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Flipping your classroom can be difficult for any teacher no matter their experience level. A flipped classroom experience challenges traditional learning environments by delivering much of the instruction online outside of the classroom. The in-person classroom experience is then designed to provide ample time for students to dig deep into inquiry or higher-level thinking with teacher support. Diving into flipped learning can be overwhelming, with all of the app options available to teachers.  But no worries, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best flipped classroom apps out there!


Edpuzzle allows you to create interactive videos for your flipped classroom. Teachers can create customizable videos which gives them the ability to create personalized learning experiences through questioning and open-ended discussions. Teachers no longer have to pre-teach the grade level content/skills the first 10 minutes of class. Flip your classroom and have students ready to explore when they come through your door!


Screencastify is a tool that allows teachers to create a more personalized learning environment for their classroom. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to create and record full or bite- sized lessons, assignment solutions and explanations, and verbal feedback. It helps students visualize their thinking and learn more effectively. The Google Chrome Web Store even has a FREE extension to make recording your presentations easy!


Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool in which students can draw, collaborate, take polls/quizzes, experience simulations, and so much more, while tracking all the data in one easy report system. Teachers are able to launch lessons and receive comprehensive student assessments that touch on how each individual student completed the questions. It has an instant gratification aspect where teachers can evaluate student responses live.


Flipgrid allows students to video themselves responding to a question or prompt. Students record their answer, take a selfie, and can collaborate with students and teachers alike. Use Flipgrid as a collaboration tool, assessment tool, or even a student creation tool! Either way, Flipgrid is definitely a top 6 favorite for a flipped classroom.


Classflow allows you to create dynamic presentations and assessments for your flipped classroom. It allows users to present pen or touch-based lessons, collaborate while learning self-management skills, send quizzes, polls, and activities, and discover millions of interactive lessons and resources from teachers around the world.


Looking for an easy way to give formative assessments and keep up with progress easily? Formative is your go-to tool! Select from a variety of question types and embed videos or images to revolutionize your formative assessments. Easily assign quizzes to multiple classes and provide a hassle-free experience for students to show what they truly know.

What are your favorite tools to fuel a flipped learning experience? Share them with @edvergent!

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