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Mastery Based Grading is an approach to gathering data that reflects what students know, rather than the scores students have received on assignments. In other words, Mastery Based Grading is about what the score represents, rather than just the score itself! Here are five reasons you should give this a try in your own classroom:

1. You will save loads of time
When grading in your classroom is focused on mastery of skills, it becomes less important to grade every single piece of practice work that students complete. It usually also results in using fewer questions or problem sets to drill down into what students know. This saves valuable time!

2. You will know exactly what comes next
Mastery grading also saves you time and effort by giving you a roadmap. When standards are delineated, and you know exactly which ones have been mastered and which have not, you’re able to clearly see what needs to be focused on next. Is it time for a reteach, or time to move on to the next standard?

3. Students will learn to set realistic goals
Getting an A in a course can be a very nebulous goal. What looks like an A to one teacher might not be the same for another. When you utilize mastery based grading, students can see exactly what they need to tackle and learn in order to meet their goals. Mastery Based Grading also focuses on standards, which means that students will have many goalposts along the way as they seek to master a grade level of material. These mastery goals can be much more manageable and concrete for a student.

4. Parents will understand what’s going on in the classroom
Mastery Based Grading also gives parents clarity on what’s going on in the classroom. Instead of simply saying “Johnny is struggling with math and has a C” you can more easily say “Johnny is struggling with multiplying and dividing fractions, but he has mastered multiplication and division of whole numbers”. With Mastery Grading, parents don’t need to wonder what is expected of their students.

5. You will all be amazed by the growth students demonstrate
Mastery Based Grading is truly about learning and progress. When you change your focus from a percentage point to showing that you can perform what is required in a standard, then you begin to allow time for that mastery as well. When students are given the proper time and nurturing to reach goals, and when learning is the focus, student growth really shines in the classroom. Those smaller, reachable goals are also encouraging to students in their learning journey.

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