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Facebook Live is an exciting and powerful way to connect your classroom to the outside world! If you leverage Facebook for sharing classroom news, Live is a must try. Quickly and easily share real-time video feed with your followers! Create your own infographics


Kahoot has been a buzz in the #edTech world for several years now, but only recently has Quizizz come to the formative assessment scene. If your students enjoy game-based quizzing on Kahoot, why switch? I only recommend replacing an old favorite if there’s added value with a new one. As…


Students today are different than they were five or even 10 years ago. Their lives are flooded with technology and students want to use this tech to create in a variety of ways. Think about the times in your teaching career when you assigned an open ended project, meaning students…


"One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment." — Robert E. Quinn If you recognize the value of purposeful technology integration, but have some hesitant teachers, please know that sustainable change begins with you! Become the catalyst for…


We often assume that our digital natives are well prepped and knowledgeable of the latest technology trends, and are going to use these applications to better their productivity. Ha! On the contrary, most of our students use their personal devices for entertainment value only, and aren’t able to make an…


Continuous instruction during the winter months sometimes feels like climbing up a steep, snow covered hill while dodging oncoming sleds. We keep treading the snow covered incline, but slide back every few steps.

With record-breaking snowfall, many school districts around the nation are exploring options for a non-traditional school day during the winter months; whereby students receive instruction while off for inclement weather. Although this idea is meant to keep from extending the school year as well as provide more instructional continuity, the founding concept reaches far beyond simply making up a snow day. This Blended Learning model has the transformative power to change traditional teaching and learning. Through this transformation, learning becomes more student centered, more innovative, and without the laws of time and space.


ThingLink continues to be my top app pick for both student explanation of learning and teacher created content. It works in a BYOD, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop environment, and is an excellent suggestion for creating student products outside of the classroom. It’s quick, easy, and user friendly. Create classes, add students, and manage their accounts with a ThingLink Teacher account, or have your students over the age of 13 create their own free accounts. 



If infrastructure sabotages your plans, leaves you stressed, and renders your devices useless, stop what you’re doing. Don’t waste one more instructional minute trying to stream video, just to lose connection, spin for too long, or time-out. Submit the problem to IT, and move on.

Dust off the devices. Let’s focus on what can be done to change the way our students demonstrate their understanding of newly learned content and apply their knowledge without the network.


  What sets a device or laptop apart from other classroom technologies is in whose hand it belongs. Teachers often feel as though they have too much to do, are overwhelmed, and can’t have one more thing added to their plate. Well, this isn’t one more thing for YOU to…


Redefining instruction using the SAMR model is easy in the digital classroom. You are loaded with the tools you need to transform your instruction, not just enhance it. Here are my suggestions for moving your instruction above the line for a greater impact. Allowing students to record you and making…