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Classroom_Structure_InfographicToo Often a Tale of a Digital Teacher:

Your digital transition all started when your administration handed you some iPads.

You felt comfortable with the websites your students used on the computers in the back of your room, so you added the links to the home screen of the iPad.

Next, you searched your content in the app store to find apps for your students. Although overwhelmed by the number, you selected a few (hundred).

In the end, you used the iPads for stations, content-specific game-based learning apps, and rewards. Maybe even added in a little whiteboard app for some excitement.

Am I right?

You survived a few months with mobile devices, and no one got hurt (not even a cracked screen), but the learning in your classroom wasn’t transformed quite like you had imagined.

So, now what?

  1. Stop the drill-and-kill apps.
  2. Don’t be overwhelmed with the App Store.
  3. Install these 11 apps.
  4. Commit to trying one app from each element every unit this school year.

Here are four elements to consider before presenting your next lesson.

Element One: Consume

Goal: Differentiate instruction, perform frequent formative assessment checks, provide 24/7 access to content, vary content delivery methods