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Technology and science go hand in hand so there’s no better place to integrate technology than the science classroom. Here are my favorite apps for getting in touch with your inner Sheldon.  The Elements: A Visual Exploration (iOS and MAC) $13.99 Enjoy a rich, interactive periodic table with this app…


A new school year is upon us, and with it comes much anticipation for new learning adventures.  For many teachers, those adventures include the increasing availability of technology to help transform your classroom. What frequently comes next is the big question, “How do I manage a room full of kids…

iPad vs Chromebook Showdown
@KeithTIS @MrPiercey

I was asked to go head to head with  a well-known Google Certified Trainer, Donnie Piercey (@MrPiercey) at a training yesterday. Our topic? Chromebook vs iPad.

Although we’ve talked smack the past few months, when it comes down to it, my personal opinion is that both have the power to transform the teaching and learning in a classroom. Also, one is a mobile device for creation and the other is a laptop with the power of Google; therefore, it’s really like comparing apples to oranges. Both have positives and negatives. Make no mistake, I was asked to represent the iPad, so I did my best to highlight the attractive features of the iPad (and show Donnie up). Donnie and I go back five years, so the competition was fierce, but playful.