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eTechCampus has launched a new home site for our Learning Management System, Converge. At, you get the inside scoop on how Converge is bringing learners together. Take a peek inside the LMS, or even schedule a demo, and see why there's a Converge buzz going around.  


There’s nothing like seeing the name of your school scroll across the bottom of the TV screen when the snow starts to fall outside.  It means a day of sledding and hot chocolate!  But, not anymore.  In many states, schools are opting for e-Learning as a way of keeping up…


The leaves are beginning to change and some of us have already reached the mid-semester mark.  Now is a great time to reflect and evaluate your digital learning environment.  Just as we use assessments to consistently monitor student progress and inform decisions, it’s equally important to gauge effectiveness with your…

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There is no denying we live in an immersive technological world.  The global community has never before seen such capacity to be connected, informed, and empowered thanks to digital advancements. The same opportunities to leverage the power of technology exist within our educational system, yet we have been slower to…


A recent survey found that 92% of youth report going online daily, with 24% stating they are “constantly” connected. We live in a society that boasts global connections at a level never before seen.  Yet, in our schools, we face the challenge of transferring the desire to connect into rich…


Many schools across the country are now transitioning to a digital learning environment filled with Chromebooks, iPads, Macbooks and a variety of other student devices.  This is a huge transition for teachers and is often very overwhelming.  How do you utilize these devices in your classroom?  How do you manage…


Last week marked the annual Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, FL.  This premier edtech conference was an amazing opportunity for the eTechCampus team to share our commitment in supporting educators as they provide innovative instruction for today’s digital learner.  It came as no surprise that the best part of…


I remember vividly the joy and excitement of rolling out one of the first large scale 1 to 1 programs using tablets in our region of the country. We had spent two years planning, piloting, researching, holding public forums, and building a general excitement around the “roll out”. We challenged teachers to change the way they think about content delivery and assessment, teaching them the skills needed to give students 24/7 access to content by leveraging our LMS and creating a hybrid “flipped” classroom. We used the implementation as a change agent to reassess how teaching and learning were occurring in our classrooms.

Today we work with 1 to 1 and BYOD programs across the country and have found that they are all unique in their organization, execution, and measures of success. However, I have noticed a growing trend of schools claiming that they have a BYOD initiative, but upon further examination – they aren’t really a program at all. The school has just made the technological leap to compete with McDonalds, Starbucks, and your local hotel, in allowing students to connect their devices to the network.